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with my Therapy Intensives!

Find Hope, Healing 
surrounded by the tranquility
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Individual Therapy



Kasia Kolek

My Retreats are weekend long (Fid-Sun) customised therapy programmes that offer you a perfect opportunity to embark on a journey of healing, self-discovery and empowerment.

They are designed to create a truly transformative experience, free from the interruptions & distractions of your everyday life. 

 Immersed in a peaceful and serene environment, we can fully focus on your healing journey so that you can make breakthroughs within a much shorter timeframe.

Unlike traditional therapy sessions, my Intensives offer a longer period of dedicated time, allowing you to work through challenging patterns and issues with undivided attention. 

You'll receive my customized support and guidance tailored specifically to your unique needs and goals.

Unique benefits of my Therapy Retreats:

For so long now I have wished to meet Kasia Kolek. This encounter finally, took place in Arklow where my first retreat with Kasia took place at Sheepwalk House and Cottages. A beautiful hidden gem secluded in nature with a cosy warm and friendly atmosphere. 

Ten women from different cultures and nationalities came to Arklow from as far Canada, Italy, and all over Ireland. Kasia made this happen for us all so we could relax, embrace this weekend and simple be.

Just to be in the presence of other sensitive, empathic, and courageous women has given me strength to be continuing to grow in a way that is true to me and the life I want to live. In this circle of women, we shared so much gratitude, kindness, love and above all genuine emotion. 

This space was protected and was held so professionally and safely by Kasia. This time was precious to me as I learnt to hold and see my own power in a soft, kind and positive way. Kasia just listened as she guided me on my journey.

My mind, my heart, my body, and my soul were blown away by emotions which came to the fore effortlessly in breathing circles, meditations, movements, silences, dancing and in conversations.

 How wonderful was our time together. We had amazing music, food and above all companionship as we sat together, ate together, and shared together. 

Thank you Kasia for your time, hard work and above all your love and understanding for me as a woman.'

Hi, my name is Kasia.

Kasia is Licensed Psychotherapist and Certified Trauma Recovery Therapist, with over 15 years of experience in helping clients break free from childhood trauma, emotional neglect, PTSD and cPTSD, so that they can:

regain their sense of wholeness and empowerment, 
build rock-solid confidence, 
create healthy relationships 
and fall back in love with themselves and their lives!

Personally she is a lover of all things hand-made, mama of 2 adults & a teenager and a true believer in the the transformative power of self-love.

The timetable for each Retreat is individually agreed to meet your needs and expectations, below you can find a typical example: 


Prices start at €995 + the cost of accomodation and food. 

Payment Plans Available

Love From My Clients:

At first I was really nervous about going away on a retreat with a bunch of women I had only met online on zoom and some not at all! Am I glad that I took the chance and went. I can honestly say I have never experienced a weekend like this. It was such a beautiful and safe place to just be, to share as much or as little as you liked with truly only unconditional positive regard from each and every woman. It was a creative, immersive and open environment thanks to Kasia's skill at bringing together a group of women and building such a loving and trusting space. I cannot recommend the retreat enough for the experience and then the location, the services and the amazing food, nourishment and care we received topped it all off.

- Teresa

A beautiful and life changing experience. The location idyllic, with an amazing sea view! We got to walk on the stunning Brittas beach, a short drive away. We were served the best of vegetarian food at every meal by our very own chef :-), with snacks, tea and coffee available whenever we wanted. We breathed, weaved,danced, laughed and cried together! You could share as much or as little as you wished; it was a calm and safe space with no pressure, and Kasia gently and sensitively facilitated every practice we did together. I couldn’t recommend this retreat more highly."

- Jan

I had the amazing fortune to go to Kasia’s retreat in Wicklow! I decided from Victoria British Columbia, Canada I would make the journey.
It was exactly as I hoped, finally meeting a group of woman that I had been working with on zoom was beyond words. It was like we had known each other forever! The accommodations meditation, breathing, talks, dancing, weaving, tears, laughter, was the best medicine for my heart and soul. The nutritious food that Andy gave us was so nurturing and full of love! This was the best decision I ever made! When I feel down I think of these three days and a huge smile fills my heart! Kasia truly has such a gift, the fact that she shares it with us is priceless!

- Sandy
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